Commissioned by Twin city Namsan

Planters made of five different materials ; Brass, copper, stainless steel, basalt, granite.

In order to make different materials into geometric shapes I need to find out different techniques and processes. 

Twin city is a newly built office building located in Seoul, Korea. The planter were designed for planing trees at the sunken space of the building. 

The brass, copper and stainless steel platers are made of 2mm thick metal sheet. it is folded in several parts and assembled together in rounded shapes. 

The basalt and granite planters made of solid pieces of stone and assembles. 

Each different materials are chosen for create the best combination which is also my main theme of furniture works. 

The sizes of planters are granite - 1200h x 300d x 500w / basalt - 800h x 400d x 600w / brass - 1100w x 700d x 500h / copper - 600h x 800d x 1300w / stainless steel - 800h x 500d x 600w 

photography _ Yohan Ji of Unreal studio.